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Use the controls above to filter/stack by region, user type, gender, or date, and toggle aggregation of rides or total ride minutes, e.g.:

This plot should refresh when new data is published by Citibike (typically around the 2nd week of each month, covering the previous month).

The GitHub repo has more info as well as planned enhancements.

Also, check out this map visualization of stations and their ridership counts in August 2022.

🚧 Data-quality issues 🚧

Several things changed in February 2021 (presumably as part of the Lyft acquistion):

  • "Gender" information no longer provided (all rides labeled "unknown" starting February 2021)
  • A new "Rideable Type" field was added, containing values docked_bike and electric_bike 🎉; however, it is mostly incorrect at present, and disabled above:
    • Prior to February 2021, the field is absent (even though e-citibikes were in widespread use before then)
    • Since February 2021, only a tiny number of rides are labeled electric_bike (122 in April 2021, 148 in May, 113 in June); this is certainly not accurate!
      • One possible explanation: electric citibikes were launched in Jersey City and Hoboken around April 2021; perhaps those bikes were part of a new fleet that show up as electric_bike in the data (while extant NYC e-citibikes don't).
      • These electric_bike rides showed up in the default ("NYC") data, not the "JC" data, but it could be all in flux; February through April 2021 were also updated when the May 2021 data release happened in early June.
  • The "User Type" values changed ("Subscriber" → "member", "Customer" → "casual"); I'm using the former/old values here, they seem equivalent.